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I am moving to Germany August 1, 2010.

The long awaited move abroad will soon begin. I'm already in the process of moving as I have sold most of my possessions and am house sitting until I leave the country. I'm currently finishing up tasks with my job, practicing German, and figuring out all the details I need to take care of before moving abroad. I have dual citizenship with Austria, so I can legally live and work anywhere in Europe (my father is from Austria).

I will be living in a small village in the state of Bavaria in Germany. I am staying with a good friend I met traveling years ago. His family has offered to host me and give me some work with their flower business. They have several greenhouses that they need some help with during the summer.

My knowledge of the German language is very limited. I took a German class this year and am studying on my own. It makes me a little anxious moving to a place where I don't speak the native language. Even though most people speak enough English for me to get by, it still will cause a certain degree of isolation. But it is my goal to learn German and I can't think of a better way than moving to a German-speaking country.

My plan is to spend several months in Germany with my friend's family. After that, one option may be to  move to Austria to spend time with my extended family and continue learning German or possibly move to the Czech Republic, where some of my ancestors once lived. I hope to spend at least a year in Europe and am fairly open to whatever opportunities might come my way.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could send an email introduction to any friends you have in Europe. Or if you have any advice about living in Europe, I would love your suggestions.
The future is very uncertain and though I am uneasy at times about what will come, I look forward to the adventure of the unknown

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Lindy Giusta
08/08/2010 11:02pm

Wow how utterly gorgeous it is there! It was fun to hear about what a normal day looks like for you in the small little town. Good luck with your studies in German!

09/08/2010 10:00am

Thanks for the note Lindy! Great to hear from you.

evona wascinski
09/08/2010 12:50pm

wow... you inspire me to... :-) i'm so excited for you.

19/08/2010 1:57pm

Hi hi ask Lukas he will know the answer to most of your questions ;)

12/07/2012 8:50am

good post


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