A Chance to See Beyond Oneself
As many of you know, I am no longer in Europe. I have been back in the USA for about 6 months.

I am currently sitting in a cafe in Berkeley, a city right outside of  San Francisco, listening to an assortment of piano classics, and contemplating my six months back in the States. It's odd to think back to my time in Austria and Germany. It seems so long ago, a completely different world, like a dream that is hard to recall. But when I reflect on all the wonderful people I met, the memories become alive and vivid and I smile at the thought of all the unique encounters I experienced. I think very fondly of all the friendships I developed, I chuckle at my struggles in learning German and dealing with life in a new environment, and feel sincere gratitude for all the people that contributed to my journey in Europe (especially the families I stayed with).

Since being back in the States I have spent a significant amount of time studying a communication and conflict mediation model called Nonviolent Communication (NVC). I have been attending seminars, workshops, weekly classes, retreats, and practice groups. Additionally I am currently helping an NVC trainer in developing his business. NVC  has offered me an exceptional opportunity to learn how to better connect and empathize with the variety of people I encounter, mediate situations of conflict and tension, and experience getting in touch with my own feelings and needs.

I have also been working with a life coach to transform many of my limiting beliefs. For so much of my life I have been my own worst enemy by choosing to hold on to beliefs of doubt about my ability to succeed in my goals and dreams. I am working to examine my thoughts and words and choose very intentionally to create beliefs that empower me to succeed in experiencing the longings of my heart.

One of my goals has been to explore my love for writing and sharing ideas that inspire others. I have just created a new blog where I will share quote-inspired reflections that are designed to offer hope, inspiration, and motivation. I will be writing several times a week and I would greatly appreciate if you could take a moment and see the website called Stepping Into Wonder and "Like" the Facebook Page.

Thank you for reading, your support has been tremendous for giving me sense of community while I was in foreign countries. This will be the last post...or at least until I decide to go traveling or living abroad again :).

Much Love and Gratitude to All of You
- Karl


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