A Chance to See Beyond Oneself
And so my new life begins in another country on another continent in a new culture with a foreign language.

I arrived in Germany August 2, 2010. I am staying with a family in a small village in the south of Germany, near the Swiss and Austrian border (the closest major city is Lindau). I am residing in a small camper next to the family's house. I considerate it a great pleasure to have my own space, even though it lacks a bathroom and insulation. But I have no complaints, I feel so fortunate to be able to stay with this hospitable and generous family and to enjoy the Bavarian surroundings.

I am moving to Germany August 1, 2010.

The long awaited move abroad will soon begin. I'm already in the process of moving as I have sold most of my possessions and am house sitting until I leave the country. I'm currently finishing up tasks with my job, practicing German, and figuring out all the details I need to take care of before moving abroad. I have dual citizenship with Austria, so I can legally live and work anywhere in Europe (my father is from Austria).