A Chance to See Beyond Oneself
I am very grateful for my new life in Germany. Though it is challenging at times living in new country and learning a new language, it has been very rewarding. I continue to take German classes 5 days a week and work part time for the family I am living with. An important step I needed to take in order to move to Germany was to drastically reduce my number of possessions. I discuss my approach to living with less below.

Living with Less

‘It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men [and women] from living freely and nobly.’ ~Bertrand Russell

About a year ago, I had a realization - I had too much stuff. And I realized that each possession I owned took a significant amount of time to manage and it kept me from being mobile. So I decided to take a more minimalistic approach and I begun decluttering my life.