A Chance to See Beyond Oneself
Life in Austria

After one and a half months in Germany, I moved to Austria (in the middle of September). I have been living with family friends for the past three weeks in a small village outside Salzburg.

It's quite a unique house that is set into the rock of a hill overlooking the region, backing up to a serene forest; next to the house is some of the remaining foundation from a fort that was here in the 1700s. On the bottom floor of the house is a traditional Austrian restaurant that is owned by the couple who live on the second floor, and on the third floor is an attic room where I reside. There is a second building that is detached from that house that is used for additional restaurant guests as well as an old church that is used for special occasions like weddings and holiday masses. The house is set on a hill with a beautiful view of the neighboring region and villages (see photos).

Guten Tag!

And so my time in Germany comes to an end and a new home awaits me in Austria. When I moved in with the family in Germany, we had agreed that I would stay one month; I have also completed the first level of the German language course I was taking in Lindau (Level A1). I am now going to be staying with family friends who live near Salzburg in Austria to continue studying German and begin my job search. I am incredibly grateful for the family's hospitality in Germany and feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to live with them (see photo).

In this blog entry I would like to share some observations that stood out from my time in Germany. Bear in mind that I only lived in the country for a month and a half, so my observations are limited.