A Chance to See Beyond Oneself
About one month ago I finished the A2 Level of the German language courses and decided I would take a week or two to assess what my next step would be before signing up for another class. That "week or two" turned into a month. What I didn't expect was how, what appeared to be, the simple act of "assessing my next step" would throw me into a state of great uncertainty, where everything aspect of my life seemed ripe for scrutiny and reassessment. I'll share some experiences and reflections below about facing life choices and creating a positive mindset.

Life in Austria

After one and a half months in Germany, I moved to Austria (in the middle of September). I have been living with family friends for the past three weeks in a small village outside Salzburg.

It's quite a unique house that is set into the rock of a hill overlooking the region, backing up to a serene forest; next to the house is some of the remaining foundation from a fort that was here in the 1700s. On the bottom floor of the house is a traditional Austrian restaurant that is owned by the couple who live on the second floor, and on the third floor is an attic room where I reside. There is a second building that is detached from that house that is used for additional restaurant guests as well as an old church that is used for special occasions like weddings and holiday masses. The house is set on a hill with a beautiful view of the neighboring region and villages (see photos).